Hypothetical Pacific heritage rugby teams: Fiji

Fiji performing the Cibi at the 2015 Rugby World Cup
Fiji performing the I Bole at the 2015 Rugby World Cup
Now, this is something that I have always pondered. How would the Pacific Nation sides shape up if they had a local competition to hold local talent and potentially draw back players who have strayed around the world.

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Hypothetical Pacific heritage rugby teams: Samoa

Manu Samoa at the 2015 Rugby World Cup
Manu Samoa at the 2015 Rugby World Cup

A little while back we looked at the hypothetical Fijian side, which was overflowing with barnstorming backs who were accompanied by some great forward talent.

There was a 9-6 split of Fijians and ‘foreigners’ in the starting XV, with a further 4-4 split on the bench.

This weeks Samoan side is heavily laden with Samoan talent who have pledged allegiance to other nations. Similarly to the Fijian side, a lot of top tier nations sport Samoan talent among their ranks, however the Wallabies and All Blacks dominate this squad with 5 and 4 respectively.

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Tier 2, Super Rugby and the National Rugby Championship

super rugbyThe penultimate week of the Rugby World Cup (RWC) is upon us and if there is one inarguable truth that can be taken out of the 2015 tournament and that is the closing of the gap. The gap between the tier 1 nations (10 teams) and the chasing tier 2 nations (13 teams).

Since round one, Japan’s performances have been the story of the RWC, Fiji have overcome some poor form in recent years, Georgia have improved by leaps and bounds and the days of 100+ point wins are evidently over.

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NRC Round 8 Review: Perth full of Spirit against the Greater Sydney Rams

Ryan Louwrens delivered the ball well for the Perth Spirit against the Rams.  Photo sourced from www.Zimbo.com
Ryan Louwrens delivered the ball well for the Perth Spirit against the Rams.
Photo sourced from http://www.Zimbo.com
The Perth Spirit have launched themselves into a playoff position (top 4) in their final regular season match, handing the Greater Sydney Rams a convincing 63 to 39 point shellacking.

Fans were thrilled with a try every 320 seconds (5.33 mins) of play, with a total of 15 five pointers being scored throughout the 80 minute encounter, the most of any National Rugby Championship (NRC) match in 2015 with only one round remaining.

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