It’s Time For Two Tiers In Super Rugby

super rugbyIn the words of the Katie Perry “Super Rugby changes structures, like a girl changes clothes” and very few fans would disagree that the current system is in a shambles.

There is no doubt that the most recent venture into expansion and the inclusion of the Argentinian Jaguares and the Japanese Sunwolves, was intended to broaden the marketing base, hopefully providing a gravy train for the host nations. Yet,the most recent evolution of the competition to a two conference, four group structure, in which many teams will face off only once every second year has proven confusing at best, and disastrous at worst.

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Most Improved Australian XV

The player depth for the Wallabies is a reason for optimism. Photo sourced from

There is a lot to loath from the Australian Super Rugby conference in 2016, but there is also something to love. Depth.

It may not be immediately evident but once digging through all the hysteria of the post-Rugby World Cup exodus and the performance of the Aussie conference, there are some positive signs to draw hope. Continue reading

NRC Round 5 Review: Groundhog day for the Rams as poor kicking prevented them to Rise against Melbourne

The Greater Sydney Rams let another game slip due to poor kicking, as the Melbourne Rising come from behind to earn a narrow 37-36 win.

Roughly 500 Rams and Rising faithful travelled to Morwell, in rural Victoria, to watch the clash at Latrobe Sporting Fields, on a stunning spring day.

The boys from Melbourne earned their third win of the season while to Greater Sydney boys lost their four consecutive game.

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NRC 2015 Season Comprehensive Preview: City, Spirit & Rays

All you need to know for the second season of the National Rugby Championships 2015.

The 9 captains pose for the NRC 2015 launch. (News Corp Australia)
The 9 captains pose for the NRC 2015 launch. (News Corp Australia)

The 2015 season of the National Rugby Championship kicks off tonight, featuring the defending champions Brisbane City and last years runners-up Perth Spirit in a grand final replay.

If you have any questions about this years competition or the sides competing, you’ve come to the right place.

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Rugby Laws: Where to from here?

The NRC law variation commitee
The NRC law variation commitee

The ongoing debate on whether rugby laws should be altered in order to promote a more exciting product is fast becoming a hot topic. Experimental laws are being trialled at a number of domestic competitions around the world including the inaugural season of Australia’s National Rugby Championships’ and South Africa’s Varsity Cup. To date, the NRC is producing some of the most crowd thrilling games of rugby that can be watched around the planet, mainly due to law variations. On the other hand, international rugby laws are too complicated, reducing the speed and entertainment of the game. It is time the the IRB takes notice of what it’s fans want: exciting, fast paced rugby.

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