Wallabies: A Patriots Call

The Web Ellis Cup... What it's all about.
The Web Ellis Cup… What it’s all about.

The Rugby World Cup.

It’s about patriotism, who you are and where you come from.

It’s about your lineage, your family, your heritage.

It’s about being Australian, losing your voice yelling at the television and going through the heart breaks and successes of the Wallabies.

There is nobody who craves the highs and lows of sport more than an Aussie.

You were there celebrating when Kathy Freeman conquered the odds to win gold in the 400m event at the Sydney Olympics.

You were there standing proud when Cadel Evans triumphed at the 2011 Tour de France, reaching the pinnacle of his sport.

And you were there shattered when the 2003 Rugby World Cup was taken from our grasps in the final seconds of the grand final.

At 2AM on Sunday, you have the chance to yet again watch Australia make history. To watch your countrymen succeed at the greatest level.

A matter of 80 short minutes is all that seperates the 23 Aussies taking the field from being eternally etched in to our memory as heros or forgotten in history.

For the player; this is the pinnacle. The blood, sweat and tears behind the thousands of kilometres run, countless hours in the gym and endless amounts of training drills have culminated, delivering them this opportunity. Delivering them this chance of eternal greatness.

For the fan; we have been through the ups and downs of the Wallabies. We have become accustom to being second fiddle, siting in New Zealand’s all black shadow. Yet, it seems almost over night a chance of redemption has been thrust upon us. A chance to cheer our boys home. A chance to be part of history.

It has been 16 years since the Wallabies have had the right to claim the Webb Ellis Cup. 16 years since we have had the right as fans to claim the title as the best rugby nation in the world.

I for one am sick and tired of having to justify myself as an Aussie fan to the Kiwis!

It is now our time to revel in being a Wallabies fan!

The players who take the paddock on Sunday have made sacrifices for their nation. Opting to train over going partying. To shed blood rather than drink beers. Sweat rather than sleep.

It is their chance to hurt or be hurt and we as a nation will share their pain and success!

Sunday will determine who they are as a squad and who we are as a nation. It will start a new legacy or continue an old.

2AM people, set your alarms, stay up all night, wake you friends and family.

Whatever you do, share the pain, fear and enjoyment of the game live.

Its time the Kiwis be reminded that they should “never underestimate an Aussie!”

Written by Nelson Dale

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