It’s Time For Two Tiers In Super Rugby

super rugbyIn the words of the Katie Perry “Super Rugby changes structures, like a girl changes clothes” and very few fans would disagree that the current system is in a shambles.

There is no doubt that the most recent venture into expansion and the inclusion of the Argentinian Jaguares and the Japanese Sunwolves, was intended to broaden the marketing base, hopefully providing a gravy train for the host nations. Yet,the most recent evolution of the competition to a two conference, four group structure, in which many teams will face off only once every second year has proven confusing at best, and disastrous at worst.

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Hypothetical Pacific heritage rugby teams: Fiji

Fiji performing the Cibi at the 2015 Rugby World Cup
Fiji performing the I Bole at the 2015 Rugby World Cup
Now, this is something that I have always pondered. How would the Pacific Nation sides shape up if they had a local competition to hold local talent and potentially draw back players who have strayed around the world.

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